Clear Asset’s founders have extensive experience in maritime and aviation transactions.
Ariella Kuper's involvement in maritime commenced through an instruction in 2008 by blue chip diamond mining group Transhex and has extended to assisting Transnet and leading law firms across South Africa:

Her involvement in aviation has been predominantly through legal instructions with an:

  • 2010 – Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) - Lear Jet sold to USA (under bidders were from UK, Switzerland and Botswana) This matter won best international auction in 2011 by the NAA (National Auctioneers Association), USA
  • 2008 – Nationwide (in Liquidation) - 3 x 737 aircraft sold to buyer for Africa

Notable marine asset sales include:

  • 2008 - Transhex - A diamond Mining ship from Luderitz, Namibia sold to an oil & gas company in Russia – sold for US$4 million (R36 million at time of sale)
  • 2009/2010 - Arrested cargo of 149 passenger taxis at Cape Town harbour –– achieved 110 cents to the Rand (R18 million)
    • on behalf of Webber Wentzel, Shepstone Wylie & MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company)
    • 2011 - For Transnet Ports Authority instructed through Webber Wentzel - Submarine and 3 other scrap vessels
    • Submarine MS Taurus sold to Gauteng bidder (under bidder was from Sweden).
    • MV Golden Firefly – a scrapped vessel still in the water in CT port which required urgent removal by the successful bidder and needed to be managed to attract interest from buyers
    • Transnet supported Ariella with access for the scrap bidders to use mobile cutters at Hamlet Quay as well as access to the synchro lift to ensure expedited removal of the scrapped vessels from their berths – All this was agreed upon with written confirmation for circulation to bidders
    • MV Capensis and MV Cleaner –scrap vessels that required urgent sale by Transnet
    • Full costs were recovered for Transnet by the sale of all these assets
  • Nov 2013 - Mv Maranjos – vessel sold ex South Africa (CT) to India - $520 000
  • Feb 2014 – Mv Alimar I (ex mv Sea Buffalo) - vessel sold ex South Africa (CT) to India - $600 000
  • 2016 MV PANOS CREATION (JV) - $1.5 million
  • 2016 MV GIULIANA - $1.65 million
  • 2016 MV ZEYNEP K & SADAN K - $20 million
  • 2016 MAVERICK GUARDIAN (NAMIBIA) - $14.95 million
  • 2017 MV VERANO - $170,000 FOB to INDIA
  • 2017 MV PRETTY SCENE - $12 million to CHINA