how to sell

Clear Asset focuses on the disposal of yellow metal/ mining, construction, maritime and aviation assets by working with you and offers a simple yet effective outreach to maximize your return as fast as possible. Free up working capital, improve your Balance Sheet or create storage space by effectively disposing of idle, surplus or redundant assets

We offer an end to end service with dedicated sales, operations and campaign management teams to assist you throughout the process from the time we receive your instruction.

1. consign stock and sign mandate to sell

1. Contact us via e-mail on or call us on 079 899 9998/ 021 418 2630
2. We arrange a face to face meeting to understand your requirements
3. We inspect and assess the value of your assets
4. We agree on main terms and conditions and formally set a date for the auction. You can also add stock and piggy back on an existing auction
5. We forward a detailed budget of advertising spend & sale conditions for your approval
6. We prepare professional adverts, mailers, brochures and editorial to enhance awareness and maximize outreach of the upcoming auction
7. All interested parties are FICA registered and a refundable registration deposit is paid into our Trust Account. Without both these steps, bidders are not permitted to participate in the auction unless by prior agreement
8. CPA compliance at all stages of the auction process including Conditions of Sale / Rules of Auction and ensuring time frames are adhered to for transparency of information to bidders
9. Due diligence is loaded onto a dedicated website through Clear Asset to ensure full access to information, images, salient asset details, location of assets, viewing days and terms and conditions of the auction. We ensure bidders can bid with confidence of information!
10. An interim market report of full advertising campaigns undertaken, interest shown in the assets etc is submitted prior the auction to you, the Seller, as a guide to manage expectations.
11. We permit a 48 hour confirmation period by you, the Seller, on assets where reserve was not achieved so that you can evaluate the weighted average of offers on the assets.
12. Dispatch of the assets upon successful sale is managed under the guidance and support of Clear Asset against proof of payment, working together with allocated principals of the e.g. mine to comply at all times with safety and security measures.
13. Post auction report of bids received is submitted to you for record purposes.

2. inspect machines

Whether you have 1, 5 or 20 items to place on our auction, regardless of where they are located (e.g. Witbank to Northern Cape to Tanzania), the system accommodates you with no downtime of asset utilization or unnecessary transportation.

Assets can remain on your various sites as people can still access full information through our professional images, virtual tours and due diligence on the website. Should there be requests to insect the assets physically, we will either advertise set viewing days or permit inspection by appointment.

3. pre-auction marketing

Our marketing campaign includes an extensive outreach programme offering:
 hard copy press advertising
 digital advertising
 dedicated website to the auction with full due diligence, imagery and support
 web based social media marketing and dedicated membership groups
 PR editorial coverage in national press
 Professional mailers to our entire database (national & international)
 Telephonic support and contact to major clients and new clients alike

4. bidding

Bidding takes place online manually. Alternatively, if buyers are unable to be at their computer during the auction they can bid through our automated system called AutoBid. The system will bid incrementally for them against any other offers received up to a pre-designated amount.

As the auction takes place, we contact all interested bidders via e-mail and phone to ensure they do not miss out and participate in the auction. We ensure maximum engagement in the auction and the best possible price for you.

5. payment and dispatch

Post auction, there is a 48 hour confirmation period. Once you have accepted the various offers submitted, we will invoice clients. All funds are paid into our Standard Bank Trust Account. These funds less any expenses incurred (that were agreed upon upfront) will be paid over to you by EFT between 5-7 working days.

Dispatch of the assets can only be made once the funds have cleared and against proof of payment with signatures from Clear Asset, the Seller and the Buyer.

A post auction report is submitted to you to ensure fully audited tracking of results against your designated performance metrics, followed up with a customer satisfaction meeting.

Feel free to contact us for any additional guidance or assistance!