Industry leading auction solutions with primary focus on Mining, Construction, Transportation, Agriculture and Commercial Maritime.

  • Post auction report within 24hrs including all bids received against starting price, reserve
  • 48 hours evaluation period for seller to decide on successful bids

Demonstrated partner of choice for major mining companies and heavy industry

Committed to ongoing enhancement and measurement with advanced technology. Global outreach, methodology and track record.

  • Proprietary handheld cataloguing, CRM, valuations, asset registry and related capabilities.
  • Proven global expertise and relationships – over 50% of sales to international markets.

Transparency and governance.

  • Solutions are focused on providing accountability and measurement.
  • Rigorous tracking of bids and views, detailed pre and post auction reporting.

Fully managed end-to-end offering.

  • Complete turnkey solution from asset identification through to settlement and logistics and transport support. “Our proprietary technology, homegrown by some of South Africa’s leading developers, allows for ongoing enhancements and customisation to ensure that your assets are expertly managed and marketed to a global audience.”

Significantly reduced cycle time

  • No need to stockpile; permits inclusion of assets from multiple sites and locations

Continued machine utilisation throughout the auction campaign

  • No downtime to mine due to maximised asset utilisation.

Gross sale-prices competitive with physical auctions

  • Significantly reduced transaction expenses: no transport, recon, security or logistic cost to seller.

Increase buyer participation

  • No geographic or time zone barriers; maximum outreach and awareness with full due diligence on web per asset

Anonymous bidding breaks rings

  • Extended buyer reach and neutralized playing field. Bidders think in increments not absolutes, achieving higher results for the mines.

Detailed real-time data gathering and pre and post auction reporting

  • Full transparency, reporting and real time data tracking of views and bids.
“For sellers, the obvious benefit of online auctions is not having to move the asset and at the same time tapping seamlessly into a global buying audience. For buyers, the selection across multiple locations and qualified sellers is unparalleled.”